London Oil & Gas School - Oct

Available Class Dates and Times:

Bloomsbury Hotel 16-22 Great Russell Street - London - WC1B 3NN
London, England, 0

Tuition: $2,850.00 USD

ETS now offers 3 CEU's

We are the most talked about course in the Oil and Gas industry!

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This dynamic course is an overview of the oil and gas industry and begins with geology and exploration and moves into drilling and production. We discuss the principles of fracing, transportation, offshore catastrophes and safety. Find out why economics play such a role in the oil and gas industry. There will be no field trip for this course.

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our ETS family Andrew Rees, Director of Matthew Daniels. Andrew will join our ETS team in our London schools.

Course Topics:
  1. Understanding Geology and the Petroleum Process - the Earth structure, rock cycle & types
  2. Hydrocarbon Exploration- how hydrocarbons are formed and what needs to occur to create a formation to trap them
  3. Rotary Oil & Gas Well Drilling
    • Drilling Rigs
    • Bits & Bit selection
    • Drilling Fluids
    • Hoisting, rotating, circulating and power systems
    • Well control & BOP's
    • Directional drilling
  4. Well Evaluation - the various logging techniques, MWD and LWD
  5. Completion and Production - the types of completions, reservoir drive mechanisms and enhanced recovery.
  6. Hydraulic Fracturing - what is fracing? We discuss the principles, components, process and water management
  7. Surface Handling of Well Fluids - the types and process of separators. Treating oilfield emulsions and the handling of natural gas
  8. Offshore Catastrophes®-Insurance Perspective
  9. Offshore Catastrophes® an Engineering Perspective of Safety, Personal Injury & Property Loss - when things go wrong, offshore disasters and responses
  10. Refining and Processing - types of refineries, refining process
  11. Transportation of Petroleum and Petroleum Products - modes of transportation, pipeline construction, operations and safety
  12. Energy Economics- understanding the world oil and gas and its future
  13. Personal Injury & Contractual Claims under Maritime and State Law
Recommended For:
Those that are actively involved in servicing the Oil and Gas Industry. Insurance Brokers, Underwriters, Oilfield Service and Operating Companies, Attorneys, Accountants, Claims and New Hires will all derive significant value from this course to enhance their careers.

Course Length: 4 days

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