Energy Training Solutions Testimonials

  • I really enjoyed the course and thought the topics covered were very beneficial and the presentation style was extremely good.
    S. Pembroke, Axis Capital
  • I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase or update their knowledge of the oil and gas industry.
    London School Nov
  • The 3-day course was really worthwhile. The whole process, from exploratory drilling through to production and then refining, was explained in just the right amount of detail by former industry professionals. Of particular interest was the session on the latest technology, including a detailed discussion on shale fracturing. I would recommend this course for anyone new to the energy industry or as a refresher on the hot topics. Good handouts.
    A. Archibald, Amlin Underwriting Limited
  • I thought all the topics were interesting but especially the mechanical engineering side of the industry.
    E.P., Windsor Partners LLP.
  • Balance was great! The Workshop covered all the right areas and demonstrated the need to attend the London Workshop course.
    Ben, Lloyds
  • Instructor’s ability to relate current technical information in a simplified understandable manner.
  • Very interesting and enjoyable course, which has made me feel more knowledgeable on the subject and has aroused my interest greatly. You guys rock!
  • Enthusiastic speakers with real knowledge on the subjects made it easy to ask questions. The expertise of the instructors made the course very worthwhile.

London School Feb 

  • The teaching was excellent. The instructors delivered the material accurately and with enthusiasm.
  • The networking, class size and interaction was superb! Great job ETS.
  • The amount and diversity of knowledge presented by the instructors, and their ability to relate it was excellent.
  • The working knowledge of all the instructors was priceless. Class was too short, I didn’t want the week to end!
  • I have never come across a course such as this one, it is a masterpiece. Today’s Manager’s, Engineers and students in the industry, should pass through this course & experience. I am sending my staff to the next course!

London School Oct 

  • I had a great week and have learned so much from the instructors! It was so nice to be taught by people who truly love what they do and are so passionate. I went into work on Friday with a wealth of knowledge to share with my colleagues. Once again I would like to say a massive THANK YOU!

London School Oct 
Jessica, Canopius

  • Oil & Gas School I will highly recommend the course to anybody with a passion for Energy no matter what level of experience, as I personally benefitted and will take this experience and knowledge and share with my clients. Thank you all for an excellent week of learning, understanding and wisdom.

London School Feb 
Dav Bachra, Aon

  • A super course! Very relevant to my job and pitched at the right level of complexity. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of the oil & gas industry.

London School Oct 
Phillip, Hiscox

  • FANTASTIC!! Without a doubt the best training course I have ever attended. The content has really helped me to understand the industry, and will be very helpful to my job. Joyce & Gregg, really appreciated the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm displayed throughout.

London School Oct 
AON Risk Solutions

  • Fantastic school! I have enhanced my knowledge massively and I will recommend this course to everyone.

London School Oct 
Martin Martin, Mars Risk Energy Services, Ltd.

  • This course far exceeded my expectations. I wish something like this had been around years ago. Very well presented and excellent coverage of very necessary course content. Thank You.

London School Oct 2014
Lesley Green, AON Risk Solutions

  • The course provides an excellent overview to the industry and the practical experience of the instructors is an invaluable addition that just cant be replicated by trainers alone.

London School Oct 
Louise Tyler, AON Benfield

  • The course is essential learning for anyone in (re) insurance, broking or underwriting (my reason for attending).

London School Oct 2014

  • Extremely educational and will really help me in my job role. The videos have been invaluable and the real life experience the trainers have is fantastic and helps a lot when talking about their own stories. I will definitely be recommending this course to anyone in the market!

London School Oct 
Carly Ollenbittle, QBE

  • This was such a great class with great people talking about all different aspects of how Oil & Gas is found and the process and technology that goes into producing it.

London School Feb 
Kevin Jameson, Total Risk Solutions

  • The course was fantastic and we covered so much material in 4 days. Greg and Joyce delivered each session with enthusiasm and humor while covering huge amounts of technical material and answering our endless questions. Through their years of experience and expertise I feel that I learnt a lot and have a much better technical understanding of what our clients do on a day to day basis. The planned evening events were extremely enjoyable as was the endless coffee, snacks and three course lunches! I had heard prior to attending that it was a very useful and informative course, and my experience was no different and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the Oil and Gas Industry.

London School Feb 
George Richardson, AON Risk Solutions

  • ETS London O&G School has not only tied up bits and pieces of knowledge that one may already have, but it also gave further insights and updated views of the industry. The instructors are very experienced and detailed which made the overall course very fruitful. The notes given are precise and believe will be a source of guide for a long time. Overall, a great course for anyone who wants to know more on this industry.

London School Feb 
Teik-Ling, Amlin Singapore

  • Thanks once again for the course, it was really enlightening and I do feel much more confident with both clients and underwriters when speaking about upstream operations. I feel its added more credibility to what I say for sure.

London School Feb 
Alastair Lines, AON Risk Solutions

  • ETS is a thoroughly engaging and detailed course, delivered by experienced professionals and relevant to anyone with a desire to enhance their knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry.

London School Feb
James Swainston, AON Risk Solutions



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